Family Program

PHOENIX’S family programs educate and support families faced with alcohol and drug addiction and the resultant chaos. Addiction is called “a family disease “for good reason. Your family is in pain confusion and a feeling of helplessness. By the time most families reach out for health, the disease has progressed to a crisis level.

Drug and alcohol addiction not only adversely affects the addict but also the families. Drug abuse puts a lot of pressure on siblings, parents and grandparents and most importantly wife and children due to the behaviour of the addict. And more often than not the addicts do not believe that they have an addiction problem so it’s usually up to a family member to take the initial steps necessary to get their loved one into a REHAB. It may take a few members of the family coming together to have an intervention and confront a loved one about their alcohol or drug abuse.

From free weekly workshops, the family Program and related services across the PHOENIX’S vary in duration and intensity. But the goal of all our family services and programs is to help people heal from the harmful effects of a loved ones addiction.

You don’t need to have a family member in Rehab to participate in our family program or support services; we believe your family needs help in your own right. Our family programs educate families about the disease of addiction and the different ways family members are affected. Families learn to:

  • Work through the chaos you have experienced
  • Set healthy Boundaries
  • Rebuild trusting relationships