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Family Therapy

Addicion is a Family Disease - meaning when one family member succumbs to addiction, the whole family gets affected. Hence, our treatment program relies on the inclusion of the family in the treatment process. By the time a family reaches out for treatment of a loved one, the severity of the addiction is usually high. Our treatment program helps the family understand addiction as a disease, it's impact on the family and how they can help their loved ones and themselves cope during treatment and afterwards.

Program Highlights:
  • Educating family members about the disease of addiction, the treatment program and how they can contribute in the process.
  • Three C's of Addiction - Helping family members understand that although they cannot control their loved one's addiction, they can take control of their own happiness and health by understanding the three C's.
    • You did not cause it
    • You cannot control it
    • You cannot cure it
  • Introduction to Al-anon - which is a family support group for people that have a loved one suffering from addiction.
  • Helping establish trust, managing stress, building healthy communication and eliminating enabling behaviour.
  • Being a part of the plan for prevention of relapse.

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