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Female Patients

At Phoenix we recognize that addiction affects women in a way that's different from the way it affects a male patient. Therefore the treatment that we provide and the recovery plan that we put in place is specifically tailored for them. Studies show that women experience more addiction related mental health problems than men and that addiction progresses more quickly in women as compared to men.

Shame, denial and fear are factors that prevent women seeking the help they require for their addiction. At Phoenix Rehab, our multidisciplinary team assesses and helps you understand your personal situation and recommends a recovery plan that is best suited for you:

  • We personalise treatment plan for women based on factors such as physical and mental health, family relationships and the addictive substance(s).
  • Individual and Group Counselling is provided in a safe and supportive environment as a part of the treatment plan.
  • A Female Nurse and Attendent are available 24/7 for support.

To know more about our female specific treatment plans and/or for any specific questions, please call us at +91 77999 19293 or +91 77999 00044.