Cannabis / Marijuana Addiction Treatment

What Does a Marijuana Addiction Program Look Like?

Like other substance dependence disorders cannabis or marijuana dependence is very similar.

Phoenix employs a long-term treatment to treat drug users effectively while teaching them self-management. Some addicts may be suffering from Co-morbid addictions or several mental disorders simultaneously, soliciting care and treatment. Phoenix has a very good track record with dual-diagnosis treatment.

Phoenix Rehab Services which located in Hyderabad has an effective detox program, personal counselling, group therapy sessions and an introduction to the 12-step program. The 12-step program is a lifelong path to recovery and rehabilitation from addiction. Further, there is a deeper learning and understanding about cannabis addiction or marijuana addiction and its ill-effects on the body and mind.

Our Family Support Program helps the affected family members in coping with the situation during and after the treatment process.

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