MDMA (Ecstasy) Addiction Treatment

MDMA Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Ecstasy or MDMA is a highly addictive drug that causes altering of perception and hallucinations. It is responsible for causing both physical and psychological dependence. The side effects have come to occur in the longer run, preceded by euphoric hallucinogenic effects. But it can cause serious behavioural and health consequences.

Short-term addiction can still be treated with abstinence but the cycle of dependency continues in long-term and cannot be withdrawn immediately. Such withdrawal can cause serious medical complications.

MDMA Addiction Treatment Procedure

At Phoenix Rehab Services Center, we understand the delicate nature of this addiction and provide a number of drug and non-drug treatment options. We offer personal counselling, behaviour modification, and detoxification with the use of appropriate medication.

Phoenix follows the 12-step program, which is a lifelong path to recovery and rehabilitation from addiction. Further, there is a deeper learning and understanding about MDMA addiction and its ill-effects on the body and mind.

Our Family Support Program helps the affected family members cope with the situation during and after the treatment process.

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