Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Methadone addiction is related to heroin addiction and has become a widespread problem. Methadone is used to treat the withdrawal symptoms of heroin during detox. Some say that withdrawal symptoms of methadone can be harsher than heroin withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone requires both medicated and non-medicated approach and requires primary residential treatment. Phoenix has personal counselling, behaviour modification, and detoxification methods. Phoenix employs both in and outpatient recovery programs.

Methadone De-Addiction Procedure

Phoenix Rehab Services which Located in Hyderabad, follows the 12-step program, which is a lifelong path to recovery and rehabilitation from addiction. Further, there is a deeper learning and understanding about MDMA addiction and its ill-effects on the body and mind.

Our Family Support Program helps the affected family members in coping with the situation during and after the treatment process.

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