OxyContin Addiction Treatment

OxyContin Addiction Treatment and Process

A lot of drug users who are addicted to OxyContin tend to have a history of alcohol abuse or other drug abuses. It is an opiate analgesic which reduces pain but is highly addictive.

At Phoenix Rehab Services, our inpatient treatment includes detox   with non-addictive medications that help decrease the pain and discomfort felt from Oxycontin withdrawal while preventing you from developing another addiction.

During a medical detox, clients live in a home-like comfortable environment under 24-hour observation. Every care is taken to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal through personal counselling, behaviour modification, and detoxification methods.

This initial withdrawal phase lasts for about a week. Upon completion, patients feel much better and are ready to progress to continuing addiction treatment. Leaving treatment after the only detox almost guarantees relapse and a need to repeat the uncomfortable and possibly dangerous withdrawal period. Detox is not treatment; detox simply allows treatment to start.

Post-detox, treatment includes  Individual therapy and group therapy, CBT, 12 step meetings, group therapy, development of life skills, vocational, educational programs, Yoga, meditation, audio-video inputs, Family Support Program.

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