Vicodin & Codeine / Cough Syrup Addiction Treatment

Codeine Abuse & Addiction Causes

Hydrocodone popularly sold as Vicodin is largely used as a painkiller and is a synthetic opiate form of Codeine. Although branded as a painkiller, there’s no physical reduction of pain. It dopes the brain to ignore the pain being caused in the body. Slowly the body becomes used to and addicted to this painkiller.

Codeine is also ingested via Cough Syrups.

At Phoenix Rehab Center, we have treatment for Vicodin addiction, such as residential rehabilitation lasting up to 4 months including a medical detox. Pharmacotherapy might be used to switch to another medication in order to treat Vicodin addiction. Short-term users might not need pharmacotherapy but long-term addicts or those suffering from chronic pain might be helped through this treatment.

Vicodin & Codeine De-Addiction Process

Detox may have possible side effects such as sweats, chills, upset stomach, and anxiety tremors but can be treated effectively at Phoenix, medically and non-medically.  Some people may have concerns about using pharmacotherapy as they are afraid it may substitute one addiction for another. However, we do not use drugs on which clients can get dependent - thus helping them reduce their dependency on the primary drug and eventually leading to abstinence. This initial withdrawal phase from the dependent drug may take some time. Upon completion, patients feel much better and are ready to progress to continuing addiction treatment. Leaving treatment only after detox almost guarantees relapse and a need to repeat the uncomfortable withdrawal period. Detox is not treatment; detox simply allows treatment to take place.


Post-detox treatment includes a residential program with,  Individual and group therapy, CBT, 12 step work, development of life skills, vocational, educational programs, Family Support Program.

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