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Out-Patient Treatment

Phoenix Rehab offers a Out-Patient Treatment Program for clients who are not able to take time out to stay in a in-patient Rehab because of prior committments or responsibilities. Clients are first assessed to determine if they have stable mental and physical health and whether or not they require detoxification before we recommend an out-patient recovery program.

Program Highlights:
  • Educating clients about Addiction as a disease.
  • Understanding the 12 Step Program approved by WHO.
  • Introduction to AA/NA principles.
  • Counselling for addressing issues such as denial, anger, resentment and self-pity.
  • Techniques for Effective Management of Grief & Stress.
  • Working on False Belief Systems, Un-Realistic Expectations and Assumptions.
  • Assisting in goal setting.
  • Enchancing Problem Solving Skills.
  • Family Counselling with a focus on Psycho Education for family members.
  • Introduction to Al-Anon.

Consultation is available from 10AM - 5pm every Monday to Saturday. To schedule an appointment for Out-Patient Treatment or for any specific questions, please call us at +91 77999 19293 or +91 77999 00044.